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Player Development/Training


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Jen Leo

Jen Leo

EVJ Club Director & Player Development Coordinator

Parents and Athletes

Thanks for considering EVJ Sports Camps as your choice for player development and training. We welcome all club (regardless of club affiliation) and non-club players from 1st through 12th grade and all skill levels. Our program offers numerous training and play opportunities through out the year including a variety of Workshops, Training Camps, Specialty Skills Clinics, College Coach Led Camps, Beginner Academies, Positional Academies, Leagues, Tournaments and more.  

Our commitment to you is that we will give our best effort to ensure that your experience is worth the time, effort and cost. 

Our experienced coaches foster a high level, fast paced drill and play environment for experienced players and they will slow it down for the less experienced. Camp participants are separated by age/skill to ensure maximum training. Please see our skill level guidelines below. Coaches will stress success through individual/teamwork and commitment in an atmosphere that stresses attention to detail.

Our programs guarantee: sessions led by experienced coaches, excellent training, quality player to coach ratio, multi-court facility, lots of touches on the ball and fun sessions!

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Here is a general list of year-round training programs offered:
Spring Break Camps/Clinics (March)
Futures Academy (Mar-July)

Specialty Skills Clinics (May-Oct)
College Led (June) 
4v4 Round Robin Tournaments (June-Oct)

Back-to-School Tune Up (July)
The Valley Volleyball League (Aug-Sept)
Futures Academy/Clinics/Workshop (Aug-Oct)
Positional Academies (May-Sept) Setting, Middles, PINS, Liberos
Fall Break (Oct)
Pre-Tryout (Oct-Nov)

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2024 Player Development/Other EVENTs Program Summary

Program Dates Grade / Age Location Cost Click Here To Click Here For
Beginner Clinics Feb 23 & Mar 8 1-3, 4-6, 7-8 Tempe/Court One $35 or $60 for both NA
Spring Break Camps-Gilbert Mar 11/13 & Mar 18/20 1-6, 6-10 Gilbert/Inspire Courts $50 (2 hour sessions) NA
Spring Break Camps-Tempe Mar 12/14 & Mar 19/21 1-6, 6-10 Tempe/Court One $75 (2-1.5 hour sessions) NA
Spring Futures Academy (Session I) Apr 12,19,26 1-6 Tempe/Court One $99 Info Coming Soon NA
Spring Futures Academy (Session II) May (TBD) 1-6 Tempe/Court One $99 Info Coming Soon NA

Offered to girls and boys for Level I Beginners, these clinics are geared toward players with limited exposure to the six core volleyball skills and these sessions will introduce the players to these skills. The clinics will be led by Coach Gabby Leo, a former NCAA Division I player, who is currently coaching two teams at EVJ, the 4th grader beginner team, 10 Navy-Tempe, and a national high school team, 15 Select.  Players will be separated by age/skill as noted in the groups above, to ensure maximum training and touches. Our programs guarantee sessions led by experienced coaches, excellent training, quality player to coach ratio, multi-court facility, lots of touches on the ball and fun sessions!

We will be offering training for beginners in the following groupings:
1st-3rd Grade
4th-6th Grade
7th-8th Grade

**Newly Added
Feb 23 and Mar 8


Mar 12/14
Mar 19/21
T/Th @ Court One

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Beginners 1st-6th Grade
Experienced 6th-10th Grade

Mar 11/13
Mar 18/20
M/W @ Inspire Courts

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Level IV Experienced (Advanced)

8th-12th Grade
Players who qualify for our Level IV program have an advanced skill set and will typically have 4-5+ years organized playing experience with at least 3+ years of club ball. Advanced level players are typically top level national team club players with an interest in pursuing a collegiate career. College camps, round robin play opportunities, and advanced positional training are programs of interest for this group.

Level III Experienced (Intermediate Plus)

7th-10th Grade
Players who qualify for our Level III program should have a minimum of 3-5 years organized playing experience with at least 2-3 years of club ball. These players are seeking to grow their skill set to achieve our Level IV advanced training level. Making their school varsity team or top level national club teams are key areas of desired growth for these players. Position becomes more prominent as a focus at this level. 

Level II Experienced (Intermediate)

5th-8th Grade
Players who qualify for our Level II program should have 2-4 years organized playing experience with at least 1-2 years of club ball, typically 5th grade and above (4th graders currently playing first year of club qualify). Players must have a basic foundation in the six fundamentals of volleyball (serving, passing, setting, hitting, blocking, and digging). The younger age players at this level continue to learn the sport of volleyball and are still exploring their growth potential. The older age players at this level are typically looking to grow their skill set to make their school and club teams. 

Level I Futures/Beginners

1st-6th Grade
Brand new players and those with light or less than two years experience will begin with our Level I programs. These players will get familiar with the six basic fundamentals of volleyball (serving, passing, setting, hitting, blocking, and digging). At this stage its all about building a volleyball foundation, learning to be a good teammate and having fun. Depending on age, players can spend 1-3 years at this level before moving up to Level II.

Rich Leo

Rich Leo

Director, Business Operations

Phone: 480-220-9313

As we approach tryouts there are many clubs to consider and many programs to attend. Need some help deciding where to focus your time and resources, give me a call or text me to set a time to chat!

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