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Beach Program

Welcome to the 2024 EVJ Beach Participants!

About the EVJ Beach Program

About the EVJ Beach Program
Benefits of Playing Beach Volleyball
Beach Program Summary
Beach Program Details

  • The 2024 EVJ Beach spring program will run from Apr 23 to June 13, player evaluation will take place on April 16; all taking place @ Kiwanis Rec Center Sand Courts, 6111 S All America Way, Tempe, AZ 85283 
  • CLICK HERE to go to our EVJ Beach Evaluation tab
  • CLICK HERE to register for the 2024 EVJ Beach spring program
  • CLICK HERE for a 2024 beach program information sheet
  • CLICK HERE for our 2v2 tournament schedule

About the EVJ Beach Program

We are excited to offer EVJ Beach again in 2024. The beach program follows the same mission (see About EVJ) and abides by the same philosophies that have endured for 35 years in our indoor program. We are looking forward to a fun and successful 2024 and continuing the tradition of excellence helping many young players discover the sport of beach volleyball in an intense, organized, competitive, fun and healthy environment!

EVJ Beach programs are for the 12U/14U/16U age groups. Tayler Peterson will continue to serve as EVJ Beach Lead Trainer.  CLICK HERE to see our 2024 EVJ Beach Coaching Staff.

Whatever your goal may be…our programs will provide an opportunity for both the advanced/serious player looking to take their skills to their high school team and the casual player looking to improve their all-around game indoor and outdoor. Beach volleyball is separate from indoor. All players regardless of indoor club affiliation are eligible and welcome to play EVJ Beach.

Benefits of Playing Beach Volleyball

  • The sand game is GREAT for improving a player's all-around volleyball skills. Whatever the player's weaknesses, the sand game allows the player to work on those in a more demanding physical environment.
  • Unlike the 6 person indoor game, players touch the ball in every rally. With just two players to cover the court, they learn to read the opposing offense and anticipate the attack much better.
  • Dealing with the elements, sun and wind for example, helps the players become more focused and they adapt better to the game.
  • Player height is less important outdoors. Ball control and skill are most important.
  • Playing in the sand is a great way to improve a player's jump, mobility and ball control.
  • Communicating effectively is essential in volleyball and even more so in the two-player sand game. Playing sand teaches (forces) the players to learn how to communicate with each other and as a result they grow stronger together as teammates.
  • Everything noted above translates to the indoor game and as a result they are improving their all-around game and conditioning.

EVJ Beach Program Summary

This program is designed as a training and player development program for players of ALL skill levels. If you are looking to learn the beach game, improve on your current overall skills/game, cross-train, and/or prepare for the beach tournament season-this is a great program for you! It’s a great way to improve on your ball control and mobility in a fun, outdoor environment. Coaches will design practice plans that focus on drills and repetition (according to their skill level and program goals) to help master the beach game. We encourage players to compete at local tournaments and to play as often as possible outside of our training schedule.

Regardless of whether you want to play indoor, outdoor or both, this program will improve your game with countless touches on the ball and the ultimate conditioning. Players will be prepared to play at a variety of local and national sanctioned junior tournaments, USAV High Performance and college camps. 

EVJ Beach Program Details

General Information

  • The program is a training and player development program in preparation for the tournament season.  We will have two weekly training sessions held Tue/Fri.
  • All sessions will be held at Court One.
  • CLICK HERE for a program info/fee sheet.
  • Training will be designed around the collegiate practice routine with intense conditioning and training, game strategy and intra-program scrimmages.
  • Training groups will be assigned based on age and skill level, with more weight on skill level than age.
  • Training schedules will be determined based on registrations, but you will know your schedule in advance.
  • EVJ Beach practice shirts (2), EVJ Beach visor, and either an EVJ cinch bag or mini-towel are included.

Specific Program Information

  • This program is for boys and girls ages 12U-16U, beginners are welcome (4th-10th graders).
  • Participants do not need a partner to sign up but are welcome to have one.
  • Participants are encouraged to attend as many local and national tournaments that fit into their schedule but EVJ will not be providing tournament coaches with the Apr 23 - June 13 spring program.