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About East Valley Juniors Volleyball Club


East Valley Juniors Volleyball Club, Inc. (EVJ), is located in the greater Phoenix, AZ area. EVJ is a 501(c)3 not-for-profit organization and a member of the AZ Region of USA Volleyball. We are a grass roots, community based organization that is dedicated to providing the best overall experience for every athlete, whether a scholarship athlete or a hopeful for her/his school team. EVJ is proof that ELITE and GRASS ROOTS are not only possible but a winning combination!

We have been "Training Arizona's Future Since 1990."  We train athletes ages 6-18 in the sport of volleyball, both indoor and outdoor. We provide specific training programs as well as a positive club experience for Girls, Boys and BeachOur coaching philosophy promotes a culture where constructive feedback supports athletic discipline and confidence. Our athletes learn the values of teamwork, dedication, honesty, accountability and leadership. EVJ has been setting the standard for club volleyball in Arizona for more than 29 years through its integrity, professionalism, values, and the high standards it places on its coaching staff and player development.

Last year, combined in our two locations, we were home to over 430 athletes in our girls, boys and beach programs from more than 125 different schools. Athletes from Ahwatukee-Foothills, Chandler, Gilbert, Mesa, Phoenix, Queen Creek, Scottsdale, Tempe, and more come to EVJ for the excellence of its coaching, facilities, and overall playing experience.


EVJ Volleyball is dedicated to fostering a culture that provides our athletes the technical, tactical, mental and physical training necessary to help them reach their highest potential on the court or in the sand, as both individuals and team players. 

Goals & Expectations

In order to execute our mission, we are committed to the following goals and expectations:

  • Providing quality training and education for both players and coaches at all levels for a solid base of both fundamental and advanced skills.
  • Providing opportunities for players to pursue (College Bound) playing opportunities beyond high school.
  • Challenging athletes to test their limits in order to find their true potential.
  • Putting an athlete’s personal welfare and overall well-being in high priority and providing a consistent and fair environment.
  • Valuing teamwork, dedication, and discipline as well as developing young people who are confident, honest, and responsible citizens.

EVJ's Organizational Philosophy

Our Team
Our elite coaching staff are dedicated, caring, passionate, wonderful people, many with over 30 years of experience. The majority of our coaches have experience as former club and/or college players as well as coaching experience at the high school and
 collegiate level. We know that our club is only as good as our coaching staff.

Our administrative staff strives to make your experience at EVJ as rewarding as possible. We work tirelessly and diligently behind the scenes to provide the best support. We are accessible and transparent and we are strong proponents of following the rules and code of conduct as written by EVJ and our governing body, USA Volleyball. We value integrity.

Our Training
Through our common strategic training philosophy we progressively build upon the foundation laid the prior year to ensure continued growth and development in our players physically, mentally and strategically. Through internal and external coaching sessions our staff is prepared to challenge each and every athlete by utilizing the same core technical training philosophy at every level throughout EVJ. In addition to core fundamental volleyball training our athletes participate in an on-site strength and conditioning program through a strategic partnership. We also offer year round
player development opportunities for ages 1st-12th grades for those looking for extra touches on the ball (non-EVJ and non-club are welcome to most player development opportunities).

Our Success & Core Values
For 29 years our top teams have consistently finished in the top 10 in the state and we are well known nationally. As a club and as athletes in any competition, we play to win. We have a
winning program
but it does not mean that we win all the time or strive to win at all costs. We measure our success by the growth we see our individual athletes and teams achieve. We expect all EVJ athletes to be "ALL-IN" and to "COMPETE" to the best of their ability. 

Winning becomes a byproduct of hard work, team work, effort and focus. If we lose after putting forth our best effort, after knowing that we trained and pushed ourselves as hard as we could, then perhaps the better team won that day. If we lose because we slacked off, did not put forth our best effort and had a poor attitude or poor preparation, then we failed not only in our quest for success but we cheated ourselves, our teammates, coaches and club of performing to our highest ability.

EVJ 2016-17 Highlights

EVJ Volleyball is the oldest club and one of the strongest and largest clubs in the Arizona Region.  In 2017 six of our teams qualified for the USAV Girls Indoor Junior National Championships (with a record 4 teams qualifying for the OPEN division) and three competed in the Patriot Division! 

Read more about our Tradition of Excellence.

EVJ 2015-16 Highlights

EVJ Volleyball is the oldest club and one of the strongest and largest clubs in the Arizona Region.  In 2016 six of our teams qualified for the USAV Girls Indoor Junior National Championships and three competed in the Patriot Division with 15N2 winning GOLD! 

Read more about our Tradition of Excellence.

2017 USAV Girls Junior National Championships

EVJ 17N1 - Open Bid (31st overall)
EVJ 16N1 - Open Bid (17th overall)
EVJ 15N1 - Open Bid (35th overall)
EVJ 14N1 - Open Bid (23rd overall)

EVJ 18N1 - National Bid (29th overall)
EVJ 14N2 - American Bid (13th overall)
EVJ 13N1 - American Bid (29th overall)
EVJ 17N2 - Patriot Division (21st overall)

EVJ 16N2 - Patriot Division (29th overall)
EVJ 15N2 - Patriot Division (19th overall)

2016 USAV Girls Junior National Championships

EVJ 16N1 - Open Bid (2nd overall)
EVJ 14N1 - Open Bid (31st overall)
EVJ 17N1 - National Bid (11th overall)
EVJ 15N1 - National Bid (5th overall)

EVJ 14N2 - USA Bid (35th overall)
EVJ 13N1 - American Bid (19th overall)
EVJ 18N1 - Patriot Division (9th overall)

EVJ 16N2 - Patriot Division (32nd overall)
EVJ 15N2 - Patriot Division (1st overall-NATIONAL CHAMPIONS)

2017 Arizona Region of USA Volleyball Region Championships (TOP 10)

EVJ 17N1 - 2nd, 17-Open Division
EVJ 16N1 - 2nd, 16-Open Division
EVJ 18N1 - 3rd, 18-Open Division
EVJ 14N1 - 6th, 15-Open Division
EVJ 15N1 - 9th, 15-Open Division
EVJ 16R1 - 1st, 16-Championship Division-REGION CHAMPS
EVJ 16R-Mindi - 3rd, 16-Championship Division
EVJ 14N2 - 3rd, 14-Championship Division
EVJ 18R-Ray - 7th, 18-Championship Division
EVJ 14R1 - 1st, 14-Club Division-REGION CHAMPS
EVJ 12R1 - 6th, 12-Club Division


2016 Arizona Region of USA Volleyball Region Championships (TOP 10)

EVJ 16N1 - 2nd, 16-Open Division
EVJ 17N1 - 3rd, 17-Open Division
EVJ 15N1 - 4th, 15-Open Division
EVJ 18N1G - 5th, 18-Open Division
EVJ 18N1T - 6th, 18-Open Division
EVJ 15N2 - 6th, 15-Open Division
EVJ 16R1 - 2nd, 16-Championship Division
EVJ 14N1 - 4th, 14-Championship Division
EVJ 16R1G - 2nd, 16-Club Division

EVJ 16R2 - 9th, 16-Club Division
EVJ 14R1 - 8th, 14-Club Division
EVJ 12R1 - 5th, 12-Club Division


We have 20 Class of 2016 Seniors going on to play in college next year, that is an AZ and EVJ record for a club!! 

EVJ Testimonials

"My wife and I want to thank you and let you know how impressed we are with East Valley Juniors Volleyball Club. We were drawn to your organization because of the philosophy you teach and the high expectations you place on learning the game as it should be played. With two daughters at EVJ for four years and running, we couldn't be happier. The club experience has been rewarding as well as a great learning experience for our girls. The coaching is phenomenal and the girls have matured in this environment in ways we never imagined. We look forward to many more years of being part of the EVJ Club Family. Thank you!"
Tulli & John Manross

“There are many great volleyball programs in the Valley. What attracted us and keeps us with EVJ is the integrity of the club’s leadership, the excellent training facilities and the quality of the coaching staff. You can count on your child being treated like a family member at EVJ and they truly care about the growth and development of all of their athletes on and off the court. We joined EVJ during the 2009/2010 season where there was a strong focus on learning the fundamentals. Five seasons later, we are still with EVJ and those fundamentals have evolved into strong technical skills and a high volleyball IQ, resulting in our daughter being part of a National Championship Team.  We’re looking forward to the next stages of our journey with EVJ.”
De Ann & Jim Clark

"East Valley Juniors is not your average club volleyball organization.  It's an organization that is passionately run by wonderful people.  Rich and Jen Leo are two of the most professional people but somehow make you feel as if your family is part of theirs.  It's an organization that you know what ever team your daughter is placed on that the coach who is coaching her is a former collegiate athlete that knows their stuff!!  The coaching staff makes every girl feel like she makes a positive contribution to her team, by highlighting her strengths and improving her weaknesses without her knowing she has a weakness.  As a parent you can relax knowing your daughter is in hands that build her confidence, fine tune her technique, and want the very best experience for her.  It's a wonderful place to call home."
Randy & Courtney Bongard

"Mr. Leo, thank you so much for getting back to me yesterday as I am sure you and Team EVJ are crazy busy with tryouts right around the corner. We had all of our questions answered on Monday night over at Inspire Courts with Coach Jones. My daughters had been leaning towards another club and she and her staff won them over. I must say that the professionalism won my wife and me over as well! In all of our open gyms/clinics and private lessons this past month or so we had NEVER heard any of the coaches and/or administrators talk about club volleyball being more than just a "very" competitive sport. To hear Coach Jones talk about teaching our young women the meaning of commitment and responsibility and the importance of good character...WOW...very impressive! We completed the paperwork last night and will be heading to EVJ! Thank you again for your time and have a great week."
The Moore Family

"We have been extremely happy with our overall experience thus far with East Valley Juniors.  I feel like the strength of the club is based off of integrity and consistent training.  The coaching staff have been phenomenal as they always provide a positive and competitive environment for the girls!"
Maggie Shearan

"Our two years at East Valley Juniors Volleyball Club have been a very positive experience for both my two girls and the entire family.  We have found the program director, Jen Leo, to run the club with honesty, sincerity, and integrity.  The club strives for competitive excellence, but does so in a learning, nurturing environment.  The coaches have a wealth of experience as both players and coaches, and emphasize fundamentals. They create a positive environment for our girls, while pushing them to become the best players they can become.  We are proud to be a part of the EVJ family!"
Mark and Patty Kuras