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Tempe Location

EVJ Tempe 2022-2023 Projected Team Lineup/Coaching Staff

We are planning for 24 teams at our EVJ-Tempe location for the 2022-2023 club season. Below is our projected team line-up/coaching staff for EVJ-Tempe. We are in the process of staffing our teams and updating the coaches bios, we will continue to update this page as new information comes available. 

Jennifer  Leo

Jennifer Leo

Club Director

Casey Simon

Casey Simon

National Teams Program Coordinator

Jamie Rohme

Jamie Rohme

Futures (10s-12s) Program Coordinator

National (Elite/Select) TeamsĀ 

(Age groups 12U-18U)

18 Elite
Lamar Bryant (Head Coach)
Ellen Harty (Assistant Coach)

17 Elite
Jordan Herrington (Head Coach)
Tana Martin (Assistant Coach)

16 Elite
Tayler Peterson (Head Coach)
Kehau Bradley (Assistant Coach)

16 Select
Jorge Rivera (Head Coach)
Harlan Barlow (Assistant Coach)

15 Elite
Jamie Rohme (Head Coach)

Manny Guilin (Assistant Coach)

15 Select
Theresa Abernathy (Head Coach)
Ashley Newman (Assistant Coach)

14 Elite
Janeliss Torres (Head Coach)
Megan Taylor (
Assistant Coach)

14 Select
Jessica Leo (Head Coach)
Alli Kinghorn (Assistant Coach)

13 Elite
Danielle Davis (Head Coach)

Ryann Davis (Assistant Coach)

13 Select
Marland Rogers (Head Coach)
Taylor Rogers (Assistant Coach)

Regional (Navy/Green) Teams

(Age groups 13U-18U)

18 Navy-Tempe
Charles Pollnow (Head Coach)
Chandler Hillman (Assistant Coach)

16 Navy-Tempe
Riley Johnson (Head Coach)
Taylor Dedich (Assistant Coach)
James Johnson (2nd Assistant Coach)

16 Green-Tempe
Lauren Schmid (Head Coach)
Isabella Zapata (Assistant Coach)

15 Navy-Tempe
Alex Evans
 (Head Coach)
Hailey White (Assistant Coach)

14 Navy-Tempe
Haley Christiansen
 (Head Coach)
Lauren Schmid (Assistant Coach)

14 Green-Tempe
Jessica McNeese (Head Coach)
Taryn Ames (Assistant Coach)

14 White-Tempe
Brianna Rivera (Head Coach)
Jorge Rivera (Assistant Coach)

13 Navy-Tempe
Madissen Hamberlin
 (Head Coach)
Alyson Cramer (Assistant Coach)

13 Green-Tempe
Brianna Neely
 (Head Coach)
Abby Hess (Assistant Coach)

Futures (Navy/Green) Teams

(Age groups 10U-12U)

12 Navy-Tempe
Audra Slemmer (Head Coach)
Chandler Hillman (Assistant Coach)

12 Green-Tempe
Tayler Peterson (Head Coach)
Erin Doughty (Assistant Coach)

12 White-Tempe
Marland Rogers (Head Coach)
Neomi Beach (Assistant Coach)

11 Navy-Tempe
Kehau Bradley
 (Head Coach)
Ellen Harty (Assistant Coach)

10 Navy-Tempe
Gabby Leo
 (Head Coach)
Josalyn Benson (Assistant Coach)