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EVJ 18N1-Tempe (2018-19 Club Season)

Practice Schedule
Court One
Monday & Wednesday, 3:30-5:30pm (team practice)
Monday & Wednesday, 5:40-6:10pm (team athletic performance training)

(make sure to view the team calendar (below) for actual team schedule, practice schedule is subject to change periodically, tournament and specialty training sessions are also included)

**College Coaches. Interested in watching our players live via one of our 11 HD streaming web cameras? Please contact us via email to request a time for a viewing.

Tournament Summary
AZ Region - Open Division (5 tournaments plus Region Championships)
AZ Region Current Standing - Division 1-2nd, 2nd overall
AZ Region Championships - 
National Qualifiers
Music City JNQ - 18-Open, 1st-Bronze, 13th overall
Colorado Crossroads - 

Other Tournaments
Triple Crown - 

USAV Girls Junior National Championships - 

Joe Hesse
Head Coach

Meg Herr
Assistant Coach

EVJ 18N1-Tempe 2018-19 Team Picture Placeholder

18N1-Tempe 2018-19 Tournament Schedule & Results


January 5, 2019 AZ Region Open #1 (Day 1, Seeding #1), Schedule Court One **8:00am Open / Seeding Tournament #1 (Pool 2, 1st) 1st Results (Tournament #1, day 2 also seeding)
January 6, 2019 AZ Region Open #1 (Day 2, Seeding #2), Schedule Spiral **8:00am Open / Seeding Tournament #2 (D2Pool 2, 1st) 1st 2nd overall (Div 1-2nd), Results
January 19-21, 2019 Music City Qualifier, Schedule Nashville, TN 8:00am 18-Open / 9th 1st, Bronze Bracket 13th overall, Results
February 10, 2019 AZ Region Open #2, Schedule Court One *9:00am Open Div 1-2nd / 2nd overall    
February 16-18, 2019 Triple Crown, Schedule Kansas City, MO (Kansas City Convention Center) 8:00am 18's / R1 Power C    
March 3, 2019 AZ Region Open #3, Schedule   *9:00am      
March 9-10, 2019 AZ Region NCQ, Schedule          
March 15-17, 2019 Colorado Crossroads JNQ, Schedule Denver, CO        
March 24, 2019 AZ Region Open #4, Schedule   *9:00am      
April 20, 2019 AZ Region Championships, Schedule          
April 26-28, 2019 USAV Girls Junior National Championships, Schedule Dallas, TX        

*Tournament start time, please check the schedule for individual team start times as they will vary depending on seed.

**Seeding tournament, divisions will be realigned after the results of Open #1, day 2.

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