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2017-18 Picture Info

EVJ Picture Day
Friday, January 19th, 2018!  Every player at EVJ will be individually photographed whether you are purchasing photos or not.  All players will be receiving an order form packet at practice this week.  Please see below for your team’s picture time.  


Where:  All photos will be taken at Court One in Tempe (9100 S. McKemy St Tempe 85284) on courts 7,8, and 9.
What to wear (players):  All club issued ASICS gear from this year (2018)--navy jerseys, club issued navy asics spandex, club issued white asics socks, no kneepads

What to wear (coaches):  Navy Asics Jacket, Solid Dark Bottoms
What to bring:  Order form and payment if you would like to purchase photos.  Order forms will be handed out at practice.  Or, you can skip the form and simply order online by
Clicking Here.

When to arrive:  Please arrive at least 5 minutes earlier than your designated time below.  Here are the designated times (two teams per time slot).  The first team listed will check in at Table A and the second team listed will check in at Table B - 

5:00pm  18N1-Tempe, 14R1-Gilbert
5:10pm  12R3-Tempe, 11R1-Tempe
5:20pm  13N1-Tempe, 10R1-Tempe
5:30pm  17N1-Gilbert, 11R1-Gilbert

5:40pm  14R2-Tempe, 14N2-Tempe
5:50pm  15N1-Tempe, 12R1-Tempe
6:00pm  18N1-Gilbert, 12R1-Gilbert
6:10pm  18R1-Gilbert, 16R2-Gilbert
6:20pm  16R1-Gilbert, 15R1-Gilbert
6:30pm  17R1-Tempe, 17N1-Tempe
6:40pm  16R2-Tempe, 16R1-Tempe
6:50pm  16N2-Tempe, 16N1-Tempe
7:00pm  15N2-Tempe, 12R2-Tempe  
7:10pm  14R3-Gilbert, 14R2-Gilbert
7:20pm  14R3-Tempe, 13R1-Gilbert
7:30pm  14R4-Tempe, 13N2-Tempe

7:40pm  14R1-Tempe, 14N1-Tempe
7:50pm  13R1-Tempe

Along with taking pictures, we will also be selling vintage EVJ spirit wear so bring either cash or check if you would like to purchase any items.  There is a limited quantity and size of each item so we are selling them on a first come, first serve basis.  Here is a list of some of the items that we will have for sale:

$5    EVJ Vintage spirit wear shirts and/or practice shirts
$10  EVJ water bottles
$10  EVJ vintage womens hats
$10  EVJ current year practice shirts
$15  Augusta Warm Up pants in various youth and adult sizes
$20  Mizuno vintage Warm Up pants, jackets

$25  EVJ Asics hats
$25  Nike EVJ embroidered polos, pants, jackets
$30  2016/2017 Asics EVJ gear