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EVJ 16R2-Gilbert (2017-18 Club Season)

Practice Schedule
Inspire Courts
Tuesday & Thursday, 3:45-5:45pm (team practice)
(make sure to view the team calendar (below) for actual team schedule, practice schedule is subject to change periodically, tournament and specialty training sessions are also included)

Tournament Summary
AZ Region - CLUB DIVISION (6 plus Region Championships)
AZ Region FINAL Standing - Division 4-2nd, 26th overall

AZ Region Championships - 16-Club, 6th-Flight 1 Bracket, 24th overall
Other Tournaments 
Festival Fiesta Classic - 16-Club, 7th-Flight 5 Bracket, 68th overall
Volleyball Festival Int'l Championships - 16-Girls, 2nd-Silver, 89th overall

Norma Suarez
Head Coach


Jaron Jones
Assistant Coach


16R2-Gilbert 2017-18 Tournament Schedule & Results


January 20, 2018 AZ Region Club #1, Schedule Kroc Center *3:00pm Club / Seeding Tournament #1 (Pool 8-4th) 3rd Results / (Tournament 2 also seeding)
February 3, 2018 AZ Region Club #2, Schedule

ALA Ironwood


*3:00pm Club / Seeding Tournament #1 (Pool 13-1st) 2nd 33rd overall (Div 5) / Results
February  17-19, 2018 Festival Fiesta Classic, Schedule University of Phoenix Stadium 3:00pm 16-Club /  7th (Flight 5 Bracket) 68th overall / Results
February 24, 2018 AZ Region Club #3, Schedule Desert Ridge HS *3:00pm 16-Club / 1st (Div 5) 7th 42nd overall (Div 6) / Results
March 17, 2018 AZ Region Club #4, Schedule Aspire *3:00pm 16-Club / 2nd (Div 6) 3rd 40th overall (Div 5) / Results
March 24, 2018 AZ Region Club #5, Schedule Mesa HS *3:00pm 16-Club / 8th (Div 5) 4th 32nd overall (Div 4) / Results
March 31, 2018 AZ Region Club #6, Schedule Court One *8:00am 16-Club / 8th (Div 4) 2nd 26th overall (Div 4) / Results
April 28, 2018 AZ Regional Club Championships, Schedule Court One 8:00am 16-Club 6th (Flight 1 Bracket) 24th overall / Results
June 28 - July 1, 2018 Volleyball Festival Int'l Championships, Schedule Phoenix, AZ 3:00pm 16-Girls 2nd (Silver Bracket) 89th overall / Results

*Tournament start time, please check the schedule for individual team start times as they will vary depending on seed.

**Seeding tournament, divisions will be realigned after the results of Open #2.

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