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EVJ 14N1-Tempe (2017-18 Club Season)

Practice Schedule
Court One
Monday & Wednesday, 6:50-7:20pm (athletic performance training)
Monday & Wednesday, 7:30-9:30pm (team practice)

(make sure to view the team calendar (below) for actual team schedule, practice schedule is subject to change periodically, tournament and specialty training sessions are also included)

**College Coaches. Interested in watching our players live via one of our 11 HD streaming web cameras? Please contact us via email to request a time for a viewing.

Tournament Summary
(6 plus Region Championships)
AZ Region FINAL Standing - Division 6-8th, 48th overall
AZ Region Championships - 14-Open, 3rd-Gold, 3rd overall
National Qualifiers
Colorado Crossroads JNQ - 14-USA, 5th-Gold Bracket, 5th overall
AZ Region JNQ - 14's, 2nd overall-EARNED NATIONAL BID
Far Western JNQ - 14-Open, 3rd-Silver Bracket, 7th overall
Other Tournaments
Holiday Invitational - Pre-season
Fiesta Classic - 16-Club, 7th-Gold Bracket, 7th overall

USAV Junior National Championships - 14-National, 1st-Silver Bracket, 9th overall

Jordan Neal
Head Coach

Marisa DaLee
Assistant Coach

14N1-Tempe 2017-18 Tournament Schedule & Results


December 16, 2017 Holiday Invitational Court One 3:00pm NA-Round Robin NA NA
January 6, 2018 AZ Region Open #1, Schedule Youngker HS **9:00am Open / Seeding Tournament #1 (Pool H1-2nd) 1st Results (Tournament 2 also seeding)
January 13-15, 2018 Fiesta Classic, Schedule


KROC Center

8:00am 16-Club / 5th 7th (Gold Bracket) 7th overall / Results
January 27, 2018 AZ Region Open #2, Schedule KROC Center **9:00am Open / Seeding Tournament #2 (Pool G1-3rd) 3rd 58th overall (Div 7) / Results
February 10, 2018 AZ Region Open #3, Schedule Court One 9:00am Open / 2nd (Div 8) 3rd 56th overall (Div 7) / Results
March 3, 2018 AZ Region Open #4, Schedule Spiral Volleyball Facility 9:00am Open / 8th (Div 7) 3rd 48th overall (Div 6) / Results
March 10-12, 2018 Colorado Crossroads JNQ, Schedule Denver, CO 8:00am 14-USA / 6th 5th (Gold Bracket) 5th overall / Results
April 7-8, 2018 AZ Region JNQ, Schedule Court One 3:00pm 14's / 2nd (pool 14B) 2nd 2nd overall / Results-Earned National Bid
April 14, 2018 AZ Region Open #5, Schedule Court One 9:00am Open / 8th (Div 6) 7th 47th overall (Div 6) / Results
April 21-23, 2018 Far Western JNQ, Schedule Reno, NV 9:00am 14-Open / 5th 3rd (Silver Bracket) 7th overall / Results
May 5, 2018 AZ Region 14-18's Open Championships, Schedule Ironwood Ridge HS 8:00am 14-Open / 2nd (Division A) 3rd (Gold Bracket) 3rd overall / Results
June 25-28, 2018 USAV Girls 14's Junior National Championships (must qualify), Schedule Detroit, MI 8:00am 14-National / not known 1st (Silver Bracket) 9th overall / Results

*Tournament start time, please check the schedule for individual team start times as they will vary depending on seed.

**Seeding tournament, divisions will be realigned after the results of Open #2.

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